Denver, CO
Denver Art Museum
September, 25 2015

We were invited to be a part of Denver Art Museums plaza programming. We parked the truck and set up our type-writers in front of the museum for the afternoon and evening where we had the opportunity to meet and talk with a wide variety of fascinating folks.

First Time on a Type Writer1 UV Exposure2 Story Swap at Denver Art Museum3 Water is Scarce4 Proud Dad Tells a Tale5 Water is Vital6 Story Time in the Truck7 Weeds8 Street Exchange9 Brighten the Darkeness10 The Hustle, recording a story11 Long Endless Highway12 A Child's Tale13 hHasta Siempre14 Bartering for a Story15 Corn16 A Storybook Story Teller17 Denver to Escape18 Oh What A Story19 Denver20 Story Telling Creates Exchange21 Collaborative Story Telling22 Florist Boy23 Engaging Conversation24 Goodland is Close25 Gifting a Story26 Grandpa Jerry's Clown Museum27 Row of Creatives28 Hot Rodding on the Plains29 That's Gonna be a Good Story30 No Happier Words31 Street Scene32 Living in the Plains33 Connection Through Story34 Living with Depression35 Voices of the Plains Story Swap36 Mr. P37 Once Upon A Time38 Barter Gifts for a Story39 Love Him So Much40 A Great Place to Be41 More Accepted42 Night Scene43 Note to Self44 night time sharing45 Plain and Boring46
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Support from Colorado Creative Industries Career Advancement Award.
Maureen Hearty